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Customizable display type when showing grades

At the moment grades are displayed as 1/1000 (per mille) but other parts of the globe prefer percent or ratio.

It should be handled similarly to units (inch/feet/cm/..)

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    From Wikipedia:

    There are several ways to express slope:

    - as an angle of inclination to the horizontal. (This is the angle α opposite the "rise" side of a triangle with a right angle between vertical rise and horizontal run.)

    - as a percentage. In the U.S., this percentage "grade" is the most commonly used unit for communicating slopes in transportation (streets, roads, highways and rail tracks), surveying, construction, and civil engineering.

    - as a per mille figure. This is commonly used in Europe to denote the incline of a railway.

    - as a ratio of one part rise to so many parts run. For example, a slope that has a rise of 5 feet for every 100 feet of run would have a slope ratio of 1 in 20. (The word "in" is normally used rather than the mathematical ratio notation of "1:20").
    This is generally the method used to describe railway grades in Australia and the UK.

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